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Re:RURAL Health Education Council, Rajsthan

I have read and understand the rules, regulation and directives of RURAL Health Education Council & I promise to obey and abided by all of them at the time of training and after completion of the training /Course i.e. at the time of offering service to the people.

  • 1- That I know well that the course which I have enrolled myself is a certificate course of primary health Worker under the guideline of WHO.
  • 2- That I know , Belive and promise that I will not claim for any appointment or job after completion of the course / Training as I know well, that the course is completely for health care programme of the country.
  • a) If the admission form is incomplete
  • b) If the fee paid is short
  • c) If the supporting documents are not complete
  • d) If false documents have been submitted
  • e) If required educational qualification are not fulfilled
  • f ) If incorrect wrong information is given


I Further Declare The Following:

3- That I promise not to introduce and call myself a Doctor and / or put the sign or word to denote Dr.(Doctor) before my name to misguide people, if I do so for my any such wrongful act. RHEC authority involved in this training will not be liable at all in any manner.

4- That I promise to pay the admission fee, Tuition fee and examination fee etc prevailing or as modified from time to time as course / Training fee payable by me as prescribed by RHEC Branch.

5- That I also declared that if any problem/ dispute arise in connection with this training will be soled at the Institute/Branch level. The Institute/Centre will be the highest authority for solving any sort of disputes and I agree to obey and abide by the decision and rulings of the centre of RHCE as final.

6- Finally-I solemnly declare that I will not misuse any way the motto of the training and in any manner at the time of dealing, counseling and providing primary health care to the people.

7- I will renew my MPD number at specified interval of time abiding the rules of the organization so long I will offer services after passing, and my failure to renew the MPD No. In time may make my name to be removed from the central register.

8- I have read the prospectus and understood the rules and regulation of the organization regarding the RHEC Course.

9- I will follow same rules & regulation and others as and when changed by the organization. I remain,

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